The lonely pyro can somehow evoke emotions through those shaded glassed eyes. The pyro needs love, and finds love. But life and death must run its course. It continues….. Why does the the pyro make us feel? Because deep down we are all looking for what he wants….




Have you heard of GA3? If not don’t feel bad, a lot of people haven’t. Gibberelic Acid (GA3) is a plant growth hormone, sort of like steroids for plants. Every seed contains a very small amount of GA3 and when the seed gets wet and swells it dissolves the GA3 and gets the sprouting going. You can read about GA3 on the Wiki here.

Now you can buy pure GA3 and “PUMP YOUR PLANTS UP”. I bought mine from JL-Hudson seed bank @ http://www.jlhudsonseeds.net/ . They seem to have the best deals, best shipping, and best information on the web (also they have a great seed catalogue, i love ordering from them).

Here is 500mg of 90% pure GA3.


To  make a 1000ppm solution I need to dissolve it in 500ml of water. To get the powder to dissolve fast I added it too 1tbsp of rubbing alcohol and swirled it vigorously, then added approx 500ml of water inside a water bottle. Because a GA3 solution breaks down when exposed to sun I painted the bottle with spray paint.


I then followed the directions; Put the seeds I wanted germinated in paper towel, made sure to label them from the outside, and put them inside a sealed container. One step I also did is to scarify some of the seeds because a lot of the seeds I was germinating are hard shelled. To do this you use some sandpaper or a sharp knife to get rid of part of the hard outer shell ensuring you dont damage the white seed on the inside. You then add enough GA3 solution to just cover the seeds.



The seeds are too soak for 24hours, then should be removed and potted. The reason you don’t leave the seeds in the GA3 until they germinate is that too much Gibberelic Acid can cause the new plants to be leggy and grow really tall without putting out the leaves that they need to survive. I like to use Jiffy soil pucks, they are those compacted peat-moss pucks that grow huge when you put them in water, they also come with a nice germination container.


Now we just have to wait and see the results.

Make sure to re-pot the new seedlings when they get bigger, and especially if you keep your germination container somewhere dark like I do.


I will update as new results come in.

Giant Gypsum cave crystals

There is nothing as beautiful as our natural world, and we keep discovering new things every day. A cave full of water was recently pumped out and look what they found. “Translucent beams of gypsum as long as 36 feet (11 meters). ”



Read the full story at http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/04/photogalleries/giant-crystals-cave/index.html


 TF2 is a badass game, we know this, we love it. And if your at work and cant play TF2 what is there to do? Well you could sit there and watch stuff about the best multiplayer game ever, that’s what you could do!!!!

The lonely pyro– This is my fav video. The creator has some serious talent, it almost seems magical don’t ya think?

Gameplay overview – For those who have never played TF2 and want a fast look at how the game is played, click on this one.

Meet the classes – The next four videos are made by Valve and were released as a teaser for the game.

The Engineer, A song about a heavy calibered high powered tripod mounted gun.


The Demoman, I’m a black Scottish cyclops.

The Soldier, “He used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth…then he beat the crap out of every single one”

Rocket jumping – You will never be as good as this guy, but its still fun to watch and then cry..

How to play the.. – There are a lot of videos showing how to play every class. These two are the pyro then the spy and I find them very help-full.

EVERYTHING – This final video is fairly long and shows you a little bit about how to play every class in the game. Good if your a noob, or are really bored right now.

I hope you enjoyed them, please comment on any other videos you think should have been added.

BONUS (thanx for the sugestion)

So bad, yet so good.

Let me see you do the YMCA!


Oh and I found a good picture for my avatar.

This is me wearing a baby towel with a hood on my head. Are you jealous yet?


INTRO:When it comes to gaming I feel I know a lot. This may be a bold statement but I count it as one of my hobbies. I want to know whats going on in the gaming world, to try most games new or old, and to have a hell-of-a-lot of fun while sitting in-front of a monitor.

Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)


The premise of the game is a good, take the story from old Resident Evil games that we like and let us play through them again, take what we like about the Wii (that it can be a gun), and add in old school on the rails shooter action, Hoorah. For some reason tho the game seems to fall a bit short. Don’t get me wrong sitting with your buddy and shooting zombies like you used to do in the arcade playing House of the Dead is still just as fun in this game, but when you try and play it single player it fails. One of the main things you find while playing single player is that there is just too many damn things to shoot. See all the hidden items, gun, health, secrets are stuffed inside breakable objects inside the environment. When you have two players to blast holes in everything while still brain popping the undead your only worry is making sure your buddy doesn’t hog all the good stuff. When you are on your own you barely have time to reload your gun let alone shoot some stupid picture off a random wall to find the health spray that you will most likely need to beat the boss.

A big let down is also the aiming when compared to where you are actually pointing the wiimote. It just does not freaking line up!! So what would be the point of buying a fancy looking Wii zapper when you are not actually shooting where you are aiming. Ahhh get it right because that is one thing that can really ruin a game.


And ICS (interactive cut scenes)…..WHY. They are a game gimmick that should have died when it was invented.


Even after all that complaining the game isn’t actually that bad. Playing back through the old RE’s is a choir if you actually popped in your PS1 disk, but fighting undead dogs in the mansion in this different fashion is enjoyable. And for a Wii game the graphics are pretty good, I guess.

Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles I give you a


Transplanting today

I was looking at some of the plants I have sitting in my from window today and realised it really is time to transplant a few of them. My “Wandering Jew”(pilea peperomioides) is HUGE, hanging over a meter in length and there is another unknown plant in the pot as well.

wandering jew-before.jpg

And then there is the ugliest plant I have, it looks like a giant dandelion.


Why do I have it? Well it is actually a Gerber Daisey I decided to bring inside for the winter. Last summer it looked like this.


I am sure both of the plants are root bound and could use a good transplant.

Step 1, Setting upa good place to work so that I don’t get yelled at too much from my wife for making a mess =)

Step 2, Mixing my soil. I used to just use a “potting soil”, but I am now using a mixture of 50% Pearlie and 50% peat moss with a little organic in it. Here is the separate piles.


Step 3, removing the pots. Let me tell you, removing a hanging plant that is as big as that Wandering Jew is not an easy task. The plant material weighs a lot and manipulating it in and out of a pot is bound to break off a lot of the plant. But look how much the plant needed to be re-potted. OMG ROOT BOUND!



Now that is a long root. Looking at the root I actually think it is not from the Wandering Jew but from the other unknown plant in the pot. I will have to find out what it is called one of these days.

In order to transfer your plant into the new pot measure how much soil will need to go into the bottom by setting the root ball into the pot and lifting it until it looks right. The top of the soil should be about 2.5cm(1inch) from the rim of the pot. Then put the new soil all around the plant and tamp it in with your fingers. After the plant in re-potted water very well until water runs out the bottom and don’t put in extremely bright sunlight for a couple days.

The Gerber Daisey was not nearly as root bound, but hopefully re-potting it will help keep it healthy.

Here is the plants in their new home looking happy.


Remember how I said lots of parts will break off of a big hanging plant? OOPS


Well the nice thing about this plant is that if you just stick this broken bit back in the soil it will easily grow roots. I would recommend this plant as it is one of the easiest house plants to grow while still being rewarding.

Please comment if you read this =)